Sunday, November 04, 2007

New section on website

Dear all,
Just to let you know that after last week's meeting there's been quite a bit of activity on this blog but all the new entries have been inserted as comments to the first entry below.

Mark Campbell has very kindly inserted 9 model exams to share with fellow teachers. Mark, thank you SO much!! I hope other colleagues follow suit and share their materials with us. Remember that if any of you have a website to recommend we'd love to hear about it. That reminds me that Joan mentioned a site called "grammar index" where there are loads of exrcises.

Going back to the model exams that Mark uploaded... because they were not in a "downloadable" format, I've added a new section to our website called "Modelos de examen proporcionados por profesores de 2º de bachillerato", and within that section there's a link to the files in MS Word. I think Mark has chosen very good topics that students can relate to.

I look forward to hearing your comments!

All the best,



joan ripoll said...

I have model exam I would like to contribute. Could you tell me how?

Ana Gimeno said...

Hi Joan,

You can send me the model exam as an attachment by e-mail and I'll then publish it on the website. You'll find my e-mail address on our website too (

Best wishes,