Thursday, November 09, 2006

More colleagues joining!

Hi, there!

I'd like to welcome Mark and Marian on board.

Mark, thank you so much for all the useful info in your comments and special thanks for sharing a sample exam with us. I hope more colleagues share their materials with us. Like yourself, I'm still not quite sure how to go about this because it would certainly be better if you could upload the doc files. Another alternative is if people send me their texts as an attachment (un adjunto, Mark!) to an e-mail I can easily upload them onto our website. How about that? Or, if the materials are already on somebody's website, I can simply link up to it.

Marian, sorry to hear you couldn't come to the meeting. We'll be posting the minutes of the 3 meetings (Valencia, Castellón & Alicante) on the website shortly so you'll be able to read how they went and what was decided. Keep a watch-out!

Bye for now!

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Ana Gimeno said...

José Ramón, hello!

Great to have you on board!!